Disney Peppa Pig - Juego de mesa de serpientes y escaleras por Jumbo

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Consigue de forma segura, rápida y al mejor precio el fantástico Disney Peppa Pig - Juego de mesa de serpientes y escaleras por Jumbo.

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Descripción del Fabricante

Peppa Pig and her family from the award-winning television programme feature in this oversized game of snakes and ladders. This fabulous large floor game comes with large character playing counters and dice. Peppa Pig Giant Snakes & Ladders is a wonderful way to encourage numeracy and visual skills among young children as they learn through playing the game and challenging each other. The giant floor game has a super-sized playing area of 80 cm x 80 cm that makes this adaptation of the classic snakes and ladders concept visually attractive and interactive. The Peppa Pig theme will keep fans of Peppa Pig, and friends and family alike, entertained. The durability of the playing surface even allows children to play the game outside.How to play:
Begin by choosing your favourite character counter--Mummy, Daddy, George or Peppa Pig. The youngest player starts. Throw the dice and starting on number 1, move the counter the number of squares shown on the dice. If you land on a square with the bottom of the ladder in it--great news--you can climb to the top. But if you land on a square with the head of a snake--bad news--you have to slide down the snake to the square at the tip of his tail. Take it in turns to thrown the dice and see where it leads you. The first player to reach Peppa Pig?s House--at the top of the board--is the winner.

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Peppa Pig serpientes temáticas y escalas de juego Giant tapete de juego 80 x 80 cm Dados de espuma gigante 4 contadores de plástico Apto para 2-4 jugadores